A wave crashed over a couple during their beach wedding photo shoot, and now the stunning picture is going viral

A wave crashed over a couple during their beach wedding photo shoot, and now the stunning picture is going viral


Sunny Golden captured the moment the wave crashed over the couple.

Sunny Golden

  • Newlyweds Bekah and Tim Blakely-Savage decided to do a wedding photo shoot on the beach while they were in Hawaii.
  • Bekah said they were prepared to get a little wet during the shoot but were taken by surprise when a wave crashed over them.
  • Their photographer, Sunny Golden, captured the moment on camera, leading to a stunning image.
  • Bekah posted the photo on Reddit, writing: “We didn’t necessarily intend on trashing the dress, but the ocean had other plans.” The picture quickly went viral.
  • She told Insider that she and her husband had no regrets about the photo shoot and that they’d “do it all over again in a heartbeat.”
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Bekah and Tim Blakely-Savage are a newlywed couple from Texas.

bekahtim313 The couple met on Tinder.

Sunny Golden

“We met on Tinder,” Bekah told Insider. “He was one of the first people I matched with when I moved to where we currently live.”

Tim helped Bekah when her air conditioner stopped working during the summer, she said.

“It was June in Texas, and the place was sweltering! Luckily, Tim came to the rescue with an extra window A/C unit he had tucked away in his garage, and also brought over a bottle of wine and two pints of ice cream,” Bekah said. “I knew he was a keeper!”

The Blakely-Savages got married in Alaska in September, but they went to Hawaii on their way home.

bekahtim238 2 Bekah and Tim went to Hawaii after their Alaska nuptials.

Sunny Golden

“I used to live in Hawaii, but Tim hadn’t had the chance to visit yet,” Bekah said.

“We had a destination wedding in Alaska and found a great deal to pop over to the islands before we flew home, so we jumped on it,” she said, adding, “I couldn’t wait to show him all of my old favorite haunts.”

They decided to take some photos while they were there, to contrast their wintry Alaska photos.

bekahtim251 2 The couple did a beach photo shoot while they were in Hawaii.

Sunny Golden

“It was actually my mom’s suggestion that we take some photos in our wedding gear while we were there, as a juxtaposition to our wedding photos in chilly Alaska,” Bekah said.

They hired Sunny Golden, a local photographer in Hawaii, and headed to the beach to take some shots.

The shoot started out great, with the couple posing near the ocean.

bekahtim234 The newlyweds posed on the beach.

Sunny Golden

Bekah wore a two-piece wedding ensemble, while Tim opted for khakis and a linen shirt.

“We were definitely expecting to get a bit wet,” Bekah told Insider.

But when they kneeled in the water, a large wave crashed over them.

bekahtim325 A wave crashed on the couple during the shoot.

Sunny Golden

“We didn’t expect to be the pins knocked over by a watery bowling ball,” Bekah joked.

Their photographer captured the exact moment the wave hit the couple, creating this stunning shot.

bekahtim326 Sunny Golden captured the moment the wave crashed over the couple.

Sunny Golden

Bekah said she felt “elated” when the wave hit.

“My first thought was ‘Man, I hope our photographer caught that moment!'” she said.

Bekah later posted the photo on Reddit, where it quickly went viral.

bekahtim329 Bekah posted the photo on Reddit.

Sunny Golden

“Everyone was so kind,” Bekah said of the comments she got on the Reddit post.

“People really seemed to enjoy the genuine joy in our pictures. We received nothing but glowing responses.”

Bekah said the dress was a mess after the shoot.

bekahtim331 A dry cleaner was able to save the dress.

Sunny Golden

“It sat in its bag — salty, sandy, and still damp — for nearly 72 hours before any real attempt at cleaning was made,” Bekah said, as she and Tim were still on their trip.

Bekah took the dress to her dry cleaners in Texas. “Somehow they managed to return it to us as spotless and beautiful as the day I bought it,” she said.

Bekah said Tim was “all giggles” when the wave hit them.

bekahtim334 Tim was laughing during the photo shoot.

Sunny Golden

“He was laughing so hard he couldn’t catch his balance, so we kept tumbling through the sand,” she said. “It was such a fun experience.”

“The picture-perfect shot with the wave crashing over us is amazing, but the sequence that follows is really our favorite part,” Bekah said.

bekahtim338 Bekah and Tim loved the candid photos most.

Sunny Golden

The couple’s candid joy of being together shined through in the photos.


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