Best And Worst Fashion Trends Of All Time


Women’s fashion is as old as the world itself and has gone through numerous changes over the years. Naturally, some trends that were considered amazing back in the day are now heavily frowned upon. While others are still considered gorgeous and women still enjoy experimenting with them, giving new life to old trends. Corsets, mini-skirts, frills, leggings, and cage crinolines – we’ve suffered a lot of hideous looks and enjoyed just as gorgeous ones! Here we’ve gathered some of the best and worst fashion trends ever created

Best: Miniskirts : We should all thank Mary Quant, a London-based designer, who made a small, but very important style revolution in the midst of 60s. Where would we be without the gorgeous, revealing, and utterly empowering miniskirts? They look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, and are adored by men and women alike.

Worst: Cage crinolines: Modern fashion might be making cage crinolines look quite impressive, but back in the day? Oh no, ladies, it’s the worst style ever. Not only can’t you move properly, you also become a walking and talking disaster that can’t even sit normally or get close to other people.



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