Camila Cabello Reveals the Secret to Her Perfect ’70s Style Fringes


Camilla Cabello has a shockingly simple routine to maintain her retro style bangs, and it involves no blow drying or hair products!

Singer Camila Cabello has revealed her one styling tip that she follows religiously – dampening her fringe and tucking it behind her ears to get her signature 1970s look.

Speaking to InStyle magazine, Cabello said, “My go-to, even when I have a professional styling my hair, is to wet my bangs and let them dry by tucking behind my ears. They dry in this pillowy, curtain-type shape that gives off 1970s vibes. So easy, too!”

The Havana hitmaker has advised her fans to “get bangs” if they’re thinking about it because “hair grows back” and it’s an easy style to play around with.

“I would tell someone that’s thinking about getting bangs to go for it. Hair grows back, and even if you aren’t thrilled with the results, that ‘in-between’ phase can be really easy to work around,” she added.

Camila is probably the only person in the world to convince us that bangs are easy to style. The singer has expertly kept the curtain bangs trend alive over the past year, and her shockingly simple hair routine could even persuade you into getting some fringe yourself.



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