Devarattam movie review: Gautham Karthik reinvents as an action hero in this generic rural entertainer


Devarattam movie review: If you are interested in a generic rural masala entertainer but one that has great action, then this Gautham Karthik starrer could be a film for you.

It’s a shame that Gautham Karthik, who is among the most promising upcoming stars of Tamil cinema, has not been able to put his potential to full use. In his latest outing Devarattam, he sure shows off his acrobatic skills and reinvents himself as an action hero in an action-packed avatar, but all the efforts seem to have gone waste in an otherwise very generic, over-the-top rural masala entertainer. As you walk out of the film, one wishes Gautham needs to be handled by a better filmmaker who can do justice to his talent.

If you’ve followed director Muthaiah’s films, Devarattam is pretty much an extension of all the films he’s made so far. Hailed as someone who has cracked the formula of making rural-based films click, Muthaiah is struggling with creativity and Devarattam is the latest example.

Muthaiah has been making the same kind of film over and over again. All his films have been set against a rural backdrop and have had plenty of action. The only differentiating factor has been his choice of relationship angle he chooses to touch upon in each film. In Devarattam, he builds the sentiment angle on the relationship between a sister and her brother. Since this is mainstream cinema, he decides to add a message by talking about how rich and powerful men abuse women. Unfortunately, the way he handles the sexual assault scenes makes the film even more unbearable.

Gautham Karthik is the film’s biggest saving grace and he’s fiery in an action-packed role that fits him like a glove. He makes even the over-the-top action sequences a treat to watch and his efforts to own these scenes are clearly evident. I doubt if any other actor could’ve brought so much energy to Vetri and own the character like their second skin.

Devarattam has hardly anything going for it apart from a largely satisfying lead performance. Vinothini, who is usually a better actor, goes slightly over-the-top to sell her character. Manjima Mohan is decent in her part but once again has hardly anything to contribute. For a film that talks so much about relationships and family, wish the violence was toned down.



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