Exclusive: Shweta Tiwari compares her troubled marriage with Abhinav Kohli to a poisonous wound

Exclusive: Shweta Tiwari compares her troubled marriage with Abhinav Kohli to a poisonous wound

Actress Shweta Tiwari, who was recently in news for her turbulent married life with Abhinav Kohli has finally broken her silence on the matter.

When the TimesofIndia.com asked the actress how is she dealing with the tough phase and what’s keep her going, she said, “To be honest I am happy. People say you are going through so much. I want to tell everyone I was going through a difficult time but now I am in a happy space. I was going through severe pain because of an infection, I got it operated and got it out of my body. There was an infection which was hurting me badly, I got it removed. People thought it was my hand, part of my body, but they need to understand it was poisonous and I had to take it out. And now, I am healthy again. Don’t think I am trying to portray myself happy, I am actually happy.”

The actress, who is returning to television after three years, says nothing in her life can act as a distraction for her, “There can be no situation in my life which can become a distraction for me. That’s one part of my life which has gone bad but there are other things that I have to look after. If my one hand stops working, I won’t stop living my life. I will start using my other hand. Similarly, if one part of my life goes wrong, I won’t stop leading my life. I have to look after my life, my kids, their school, their doctor, my house, my phone and electric bills. There’s so much going in my life that I have to some how squeeze in time for my serial and shoot life.”

Reacting on people judging the actress as her second relationship has also gone Kaput, Shweta said, “I want to ask those people who are saying how can her marriage go wrong even for the second time. I want to ask them why can’t things go wrong. At least, I have the courage to face it and come out in open and talk about the problem. Whatever, I am doing today is for the betterment of my family and my kids. There are so many people out there who are married but still have boyfriend and girlfriends. I think I am better than them at least I have guts to come out and say dude I don’t want to stay with you. I am doing all this without thinking people would judge me or what you people are going to write about me. I want to send message across to all the females who shy away from talking about troubles in their married life because they fear of being judged. They will go through the pain and will silently tolerate everything and won’t give good life to their kids. So ladies please don’t bear the pain and come out and talk about it.”

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