Facing major hair woes? Here are easy tricks to grow your mane NATURALLY


We’ve got your back your ladies. You’re going to thank us for these easy and super useful hair tips

Remember those days when Rapunzel was your soulmate? (she definitely is still mine) and having long luscious tresses the ultimate goal? Well, along with a lot of blues that adulthood brings to the table, it also gives us heartbreaks. No, not in terms of the romantic ones (maybe those too) but in terms of stress, tension and glass-break sound hairfall. Clearly, gone are the days when we could carry out gazillion hairstyles without batting an eyelid or do that perfect hair-flip in the most Bollywood-esque manner. What we are left with right now are frail, damaged, marred and weak hair.

Does everything written above make you believe that this is it for your ‘once upon a time alluring mane’? If yes, then worry not child, because we’ve got the hack of bringing back your cascading curls and locks. First up – the most important part is to identify the very cause of your ever growing hair dolour and who better than the experts solving our woes. Well, according to leading hair stylists, poor eating habits, regular hair treatments, overheating and improper care leads to decrepit hair. So the next time you plan on getting that sleek hairdo like Deepika Padukone or the super tight free fall ponytail like Ariana Grande, you might just have to be a tad bit more careful. However, like we mentioned above that we’re here to help you and so have listed below ways how you can grow your hair naturally (oh yes!!).

Hair masks :Envelope your hair with strengthening masks. Your hair is continuously exposed to the polluted air and uncomfortable environment which leads it to it become really weak. Whenever you are applying your hair masks make sure you keep it covered with a shower cap and then wash it off with a mild shampoo and finish it off with a condition that suits your hair type.

Comb your hair only after putting a serum : Yes, most of us make this heinous crime of combing our tangled locks when they’re pitch dry. According to experts, the best time to comb one’s hair is when you’re in the shower with your hair conditioner on.

Cotton towel is a big NO :Always remember that moisture for hair is “extremely” important. As soon as it loses the all the dampness – you automatically see it becoming dry and frizzy. A cotton towel sucks out all the moisture and is not good for the hair at all. Instead, go by what the experts say and use a cotton t-shirt instead.

Trim your hair regularly : While all of us dread trimming our hair (because, clearly the salon peeps have broken our trust a million times over) – it is actually very essential. In the hope of increasing our hair length we skip the most crucial part of trimming and let those tangled, split-end knots breed and live on. If you really want to be the knight in shining armour for your mane – then go visit a nice hair salon in every 3-4 months.

Live like Rapunzel and sleep on a satin pillowcase : This one is sure to give you major Disney Princess feels – but well, you are indeed Rapunzel and what better than sleeping on an actual satin pillowcase. Cotton is the actual curse for your hair when your zzing away to glory. Instead swap it with a silk or a satin pillow and get your perfect sleep and glow.

It is never too late to learn from our mistakes and poor habits (well, only talking about the hair here). So move your lazy derriere and save your beautiful locks.

Do you have any more interesting hair tips to share? So come on ladies, sharing is caring. Comment below and help us get the perfect Rapunzel shine by saving our ‘hair-dom’.



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