Fashion Faceoff: Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif wear similar sweaters for a cover shoot


Deepika Padukone & Katrina Kaif wear similar sweaters for a cover shoot. Find out more.

In spite of a world full of fashion pieces, lately, celebrities have started wearing very similar/same clothing. Well, here you can only come to the conclusion that they either get ‘inspired’ by the outfits or love it too much to care. Wait, but what do stylists do then? Well, that is clearly a question for another day and today we have two leading beauties, both wearing oversized sweaters for cover shoots.

Back in December, Deepika Padukone graced the cover of Forbes magazine in an oversized icy-blue sweater with no pants. The sweater featured a huge turtle neck that could almost hide her face. In the photo, she is seen showing her side profile with centre-parted straight hair falling at the back. The look was clean, crisp and fresh alongside the bold letters of the magazine cover.

With that, it brings us to Katrina Kaif’s latest cover with Filmfare where she is spotted in a similar style of the sweater with no pants on. The Bharat actress chooses an olive green turtle neck which also featured an oversized silhouette. She ditches the pants and goes in or a messier look with tousled hair and no accessories. While the look was a little more fresh and messy, the clothing seemed very similar to that of Deepika Padukone’s.

While we definitely loved both the looks, we cannot decide on our favourite one. Which look was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below.



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