Kojima Productions Is Teasing Something, Fans Think It’s Silent Hills

Kojima Productions Is Teasing Something, Fans Think It’s Silent Hills

Kojima Productions may be teasing its next game, following the release of Death Stranding in 2019. While there are no concrete details yet, fans have pointed out signs hinting that it could be Silent Hills–the game Hideo Kojima was working on with Guillermo del Toro before the former’s unceremonious departure from Konami.

The official Kojima Productions Twitter account recently tweeted an image of head of communications, Aki Saito, scribbling on a post-it note. Other Twitter users have been quick to point out some apparent clues in the tweet that point towards Silent Hills.

First off, the tweet uses the word “silent,” and if you zoom in on the image you’ll see that Saito is using a Pyramid branded pencil–in a presumptuous nod to Silent Hill’s most recognisable monster, Pyramid Head. As for what’s written on the notepad, it very clearly says, “Next week!” Could we be in store for some Silent Hills news next week? Or maybe this whole thing is just a red herring to disguise what Kojima Productions actually has up its sleeve.

There are some more clues, however. Late last year, Kojima himself tweeted out an image with the caption, “Working on the next concept while no one is in the office.” This, of course, led to Twitter users zeroing in on the fact Kojima is working alone in a silent office. Not to mention the hill displayed on one of his monitors.

The Metal Gear Solid creator also name-dropped P.T. in another tweet, explaining that he watched Thai horror movie The Eye when making the Silent Hills teaser, and that he’s doing so again to “awaken my horror soul.”

Another interesting tweet that could feed the fires of speculation comes from Masahiro Ito, an artist that has worked on the series and was crucial to the creation of iconic monsters. He tweeted “Pyramid Head R.I.P.” On its own, it’s not much, but in 2017 he also tweeted, “If I should make a new Silent Hill, I would not use Pyramid Head or kill him in its opening.”

Any return to Silent Hill is complicated by the fact Konami still owns the rights to the franchise, but stranger things have happened. GameSpot will keep you updated if Kojima Productions announces anything next week.

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