Lipstick Shades You Must Buy This Summer To Look Trendy


If you are still glued to your glitter, metallic or holographic lipstick, then you are just ruining your looks as these are all outdated. Take a break from all these old-fashioned lipstick shades and bring a new life to your color shades this summer. A new pop of colors all you need to look gorgeous and trendy this summer and just pack your old lip colors in a box and lock them for this summer at least. Summer is the perfect time to wear some trendy, bright and eye-catching colors and experiment with your looks. If you also want to get that gorgeous diva look this summer, then try these ultimate trendy lipstick colors this summer.

Cherry Red: Cherry red color is a must have in your makeup kit this summer. To get the electric effect, it is good to go with this bold and beautiful color. You can highlight your lipstick with lip pencil and give a perfect finish to your lipstick. Even the fashion gurus are also experimenting with color in different fashion shows and ramp walks.

Fuchsia Pink: Do you remember the hot pink look of Priyanka Chopra and New York Fashion week are all dominated by this gorgeous color. Everything was hot pink and bright. It has been clearly shown that hot pink is the new sensation in the fashion industry and making everyone crazy. Summer is the great time to flaunt this statement lip color and making your mark. Give your old dresses a new look by wearing this bright lipstick color.

Orange: Yes, you read it right! If you are not a great fan of this color and always just skip buying this color, then this time you can’t avoid this trendy color. You can wear this bold and beautiful color to look gorgeous. If you are not very sure about this color, but still want to experiment then you can avoid buying glossy or shimmer based orange color lipstick and buy something in matte finish only.

Purple: Purple and blue are such colors, which are generally underrated and overlooked by most of the women. But, you will be shocked to know that it can easily bright and liven up your outfit it mixed well. If you are not very sure about buying the perfect purple or blue color, then you can try plum or lavender to look trendy this summer.

Coral: If you think that red and orange are too bright and over the top color for you and you always want to wear some subtle and more sober color, then you should go for a coral shade that looks great on every skin tone. A sheer coat of coral is just perfect to brighten up your skin tone, no matter you are fair or dark skinned. A coral shade is a must have this summer to complete your makeup look.



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