Shahnaz Husain Suggests Foods For Young And Glowing Skin This Summer


A great deal of research has been conducted on nutrition, and today, we have a strong case in favour of “natural foods.” It is nothing new. Even the ancient sages of India placed a high value on naturally derived foods, i.e. those that can be eaten raw and those that are unrefined and unprocessed. Fresh fruits, raw salads, sprouted cereals and dals, nuts (unsalted), seeds, and yogurt come under the category of natural foods. They should form a major part of the daily diet, cutting down on refined sugars and fats.

There is no doubt that natural foods can improve our skin’s health by keeping your skin hydrated and youthful for a longer time. Eating natural foods regularly makes your skin glowing and young. Therefore, it’s very important to keep a track of what you eat and drink. Reduce your intake of fats, sugar and red meats. A part of your daily diet must consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, as far as possible. Yogurt is also a healthy food for your skin, while skimmed milk and paneer can also be included. Vegetables should be lightly cooked. Eat enough green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce. Fruit and vegetable juices, freshly extracted and diluted with water, are ideal for your skin.

A healthy, balanced diet that supplies the body with essential nutrients promotes both good health and beauty. One should add more seasonal fruits and vegetables to their diet. In summers, when the loss of fluids in our body is greater, eat summer fruits like melons, watermelon, cucumber and so on – which are all high in water content. Taking in enough water and fluids stimulates blood circulation, keeping the skin hydrated and cleansed of toxins and wastes. On the other hand, the improper elimination of wastes or toxins from our body reflects on the skin and it looks dull and lifeless. Also it is important to follow a low salt diet. A congested skin, caused by water retention can look puffy and lose its youthful quality.



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