Tried It: Crystal Light Bed Therapy


As a yogi, you’ve likely picked up a crystal or a mala—and maybe hoped it could help you cultivate what you lack. But would you buy into crystal healing as an alternative therapy?

Crystals have recently gone from hippie headshop staples to mainstream (check your Instagram feed for evidence) for more than just their looks. The stones are being used in more and more healing treatments, including crystal light bed therapy, which we saw pop up in 2017. As a yoga teacher and wellness writer, I’m no stranger to alternative healing treatments. You name it, I’ve tried it: acupuncture, meditation, floating, reiki, the list goes on. But I was dubious whether a glorified nap on a rainbow light bed could really open my chakras and balance my energy field as promised.

What IS Crystal Light Bed Therapy?

I went to Modrn Sanctuary, a wellness center, owned by Alexandra Janelli, in the center of NYC’s bustling NoMad neighborhood to find out. The elevator opens on the ninth floor to a beautiful zen den with high ceilings, calming music, luxe furniture, including a Somadome meditation pod, and sleek bar of tea and crystal-infused water.

Edgar Monseratte, the crystal light therapist whose calming voice immediately put me at ease, led me to the treatment room, a true sanctuary decorated with plants lining the walls and more crystals. At first glance, the bed looked like a standard massage table at any spa. But on closer inspection, I saw chambers filled with amethyst and tourmaline stones embedded within it and an infrared mat to heat the top. Besides balancing your energy and opening your chakras, Quantum Resonance, the Sedona, Arizona, company that makes the crystal beds, claims “other possible benefits include deep meditation/relaxation, reduced inflammation, easing sinus and migraine issues, better sleep, increased mental clarity, balanced pH levels, and detoxification.”



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